Popcorn Ceiling Removal

If you live in an older home then you may look up at your ceilings and notice a textured ceiling, also known as a popcorn ceiling. If this style does not appeal to you then you can do something about it. Call the professionals at Havertown Drywall Services. We can take care of this for you right away. We have the skills and tools required to effectively assist in the removal of this ceiling. Give us a call and we can handle the problem in no time.

Should You Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling?
Havertown Drywall Services should be the first call you make when you want to have your popcorn ceiling removed. You can usually tell the age of a home just by it having this type of ceiling. A lot of homes that were constructed in the 80s typically have this type of ceiling. Recently, many homeowners have decided to have their popcorn ceiling removed. This is because it is no longer appealing to them. It can also make it more difficult to sell a home when you have a popcorn ceiling. If you are having your home remodeled, it is the perfect time to allow us to remove your popcorn ceiling.  

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Affordable Havertown, PA Popcorn Ceiling Removal
Some homeowners will attempt to remove the popcorn ceiling themselves. They begin scraping the popcorn texture off their ceiling. Soon, however, they realized that they are not making a lot of progress. They are putting in the work, but not much of the textured ceiling is coming down. This is the best time to contact our contractors at Havertown Drywall Services. We will work within your budget to remove your popcorn ceiling and will save you time and money. Call us today and have the ceiling removed!

Effectively Removing Your Popcorn Ceiling
Our contractors are skilled and able to easily handle the task of removing your popcorn ceiling. These jobs are challenging, however, our experienced and detail oriented team of drywall contractors have the appropriate tools and knowhow to get the job done efficiently and effectively. If you are unhappy with your popcorn ceiling, give us a call today!   

Hiring a Professional Drywall Contractor
We recommend that you work with a drywall contractor for the removal of your popcorn ceiling. A drywall contractor specializes in drywall, whereas a general contractor might do a variety of things. A drywall contractor can more quickly and effectively remove your popcorn ceiling. A drywall contractor will not damage the rest of your ceiling in the process. When the job is finished, you will have a nice smooth clean surface, ready to have your ceiling painted  or finished the way you want.  


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