Merry Place Park

Merry Place Playground is a Park located in Havertown, Delaware County, Pa.  Merry Place Playground offers nature preservation and outdoor recreation. The park is open to the general public and offers open spaces that are under the maintenance of the Havertown Parks Department. At Merry Place Park, you will find a pavilion, a skate park, playground equipment, tennis courts and a volleyball court. 

The park sits along Darby Creek. There is a 1 mile paved path ( 2 miles round trip) that’s perfect for walking, running, or riding bikes. The paved trail is quiet and peaceful, great for observing nature. The park is also dog friendly for leashed dogs. You can let your dogs take a dip in the Creek on a hot day in summer. Enjoy bird watching and enjoying the other sights of nature. 

In 2016, with the approval of officials, one of 2 tennis courts at Merry Place Park was converted into a venue for skateboarding, BMX bikes, and in-line skating. It is a nice sized park. It is a concrete park that has a quarter pipe at one end, an angled wall with coping on the other, rails, pyramid, and grind bench. It also has two obstacles towards the center. The skate park has lights that come on at night. It’s a popular park and skaters come from all over Philadelphia to enjoy it. 

Bring your volleyball or racket and tennis balls and take advantage of the courts at Merry Place Park. There are 2 volleyball courts and a tennis court. The volleyball courts sit on a sand pit. The surrounding trees around the courts are able to provide decent shade in the early and later parts of the day. The tennis court has lights as well. 

Merry Place Playground is a great place to bring the kids to run around and expend some energy. There is a castle bridge, jungle gyms, and swings for kids of all sizes. There is a huge sand area for play. Although, it seems geared for smaller children, there are plenty of activities to keep kids of all ages busy. 

There are benches located throughout the park and a nice gazebo area that can be rented for parties. There are also bathrooms on the premises as well a water fountains. Parking is great at Merry Place Park. You can also park there to access the Darby Creek Trail.

Merry Place Park is located at 600 Glendale Rd, in Havertown, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 19083.

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