Lawrence Cabin

Henry Lawrence built Lawrence Cabin sometime during the time between 1690 and 1710. It is the oldest free-standing domestic structure in Haverford Township. It was initially located on Darby Creek, but was moved in 1961 when it was threatened with destruction. Lawrence Cabin is a small log house. It was typical of the first homes that were originally built on the Darby Creek bank at Old West Chester Pike by four early settlers. These settlers included David Lawrence who was one of the early Welsh settlers in Haverford Township. In 1684, he emigrated with his spouse Elinor Ellis and her family. David Lawrence took up part of his father-in-law’s land grant. Henry Lawrence, the son of David Lawrence, purchased 209 acres along the Darby Creek in 1709. It has not been able to be determined if the log house existed prior to this purchase, however, a 2.5 story stone addition was built around 1730. And even later, a clapboard summer kitchen was added. This house became known as the Three Generation House. It remained in owned by the Lawrence family until 1942.


The construction of the cabin mirrors elements of Finnish, Welsh, Swedish, and English log cabin design. The first floor of the Lawrence Cabin is dominated by a large fireplace. There is a ladder that leads to the sleeping loft. The house is furnished appropriately for the time period before 1750. It was saved from being torn down in 1961. It was dismantled and moved from the original site at Lawrence Road and Old West Chester Pike. It was reassembled on Karakung Drive. Lawrence Cabin is now located on Cobbs Creek in Powder Mill Valley Park in Havertown, PA, near Nitre Hall. Lawrence Cabin, along with Nitre Hall, are both historical places that are utilized by the Haverford Township Historical Society. The Lawrence Cabin is used for the Colonial Living Experience. This is provided to elementary school students by the Haverford Township Historical Society. Open houses and educational tours are provided to give an insight of early settlement as well as the colonial times. Both places are also available to be viewed by residents during the Haverford Heritage Festival, this is where local vendors sell trinkets and food. Haverford Heritage Festival typically occurs in June each year. Those that attend this festival enjoy local artists, food, vendors, a beer garden, and more. Festival proceeds often assist the Historical Society renovate Nitre Hall back to its original layout.


Lawrence Cabin is located at 1682 Karakung Dr., Havertown, PA 19083


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